On this page you will find sculptures and three-dimensional works of art. You can marvel at the works of artists from our network and beyond and, if you wish, get in direct contact with our members. Are you particularly interested in a certain material, style or theme, e.g. wood, stone, land art installations or bronze casting? Then use our tags to narrow down your search. Try it out now and find your new favourite sculpture or an exciting new sculptor!

Peer Oliver Nau


Birgit Cauer, 2020


Doris Leuschner

fade out

Gabriela Drees-Holz, 2023

Colourful Opened XXL-Butterfly Cage

Ursula Dietze, 2017

Das große Welttheater

S√łren Schaarup, 2014

"Folding out"

Bergit Hillner, 2018


Jolanta Switajski, 2018

Kleiner Putscher

Blake Ward

Phantom Spyros

Eva Ducret, 2009

Winter in les Pins

Alfred Mevissen

Der Akromegale

Blake Ward, 2011

Angel Leylah

Guido Hofmann, 2016

"St. Spuckes"

Felicitas Lensing- Hebben

Helles Leuchten

Jo Köser, 2008

Prayer wheel

Mari Terauchi, 2020

The way you live 1

Stefanie Krome

keys - limestone

David Vanorbeek


Thomas Boos

Roman Head

Jonathan Peter Homewood, 2018


Andrea Mähner, 2018

Das ganz kleine Format Nr.26

Karin Schmiedebach


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