Job offer:

Search for Opportunities for the members of Sculpture Network:

Opportunities are calls, contests, commissions and residencies.

The task is to search for opportunities in Europe, and upload 20 to 30 new entries every month.

The renumeration is 150 eu excluding VAT.

You can do the job in your own time.

Are your interested?

Email us,                                                                  We would love to hear from you. 


Furthermore we are looking for Volunteers:

If you are interested in offering help in any of the following areas:

  • Event organisation
  • As an¬†area¬†Coordinator¬†
  • Text translation
  • Text creation
  • Content Research¬†
  • Finding sponsors for projects
  • Liaising¬†/¬†contact making

Please contact us: 

We would like to thank all the Volunteers who contribute invaluable support to sculpture network!

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