On this page you will find sculptures and three-dimensional works of art. You can marvel at the works of artists from our network and beyond and, if you wish, get in direct contact with our members. Are you particularly interested in a certain material, style or theme, e.g. wood, stone, land art installations or bronze casting? Then use our tags to narrow down your search. Try it out now and find your new favourite sculpture or an exciting new sculptor!

Christian I. Peintner, 2004


Wim Steins, 2010

Karnaval der Tiere

Helene Tschacher, 2018

RC 12/13 K2

Viel Bjerkeset Andersen


Vasile Stefanoiu, 2021

Icarus - the dream of freedom

MatthÀus Thoma

jungthoma im Europacenter

Felicitas Lensing- Hebben, 2004

RĂŒstung weiß

Almudena TorrĂł, 2021

É - Panta rei 8

Christian I. Peintner, 2007


Martina Kreitmeier


Rita van der Vegt Villa Vegtlust, 2017

'Het is de wind mijn lieve kind' (2)

Mari Terauchi, 2019


Klemens Pasoldt, 2017

Arche - erlöschend

Julia Theek, 2019

Female Portrait Gallery

Paul Hirsch, 2018

z in the box

BĂ€rbel Hische


HWP Diedenhofen, 1998

Second Brain

U.I.Benz, 2023


Reinhard Dobat, 2021


Mieke de Waal

About Fertility

Michael Rofka, 2017

Chestnut King

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