On this page you will find sculptures and three-dimensional works of art. You can marvel at the works of artists from our network and beyond and, if you wish, get in direct contact with our members. Are you particularly interested in a certain material, style or theme, e.g. wood, stone, land art installations or bronze casting? Then use our tags to narrow down your search. Try it out now and find your new favourite sculpture or an exciting new sculptor!

Arthur Woods, 1990

OUR-Space Peace Sculpture

Alexander Lorenz, 2017

FF 11 -13 - Wall Installations

Parthena Tsanakidou

"Kore" Marmor

Jo Köser, 2009


Ann Weber, 2002

Almost 16 & 15 1/2

Natasa Panian, 2015

Ohne Titel

Brigitte Schwacke

Suter & Bult

Raunende I

Pia Græsbøll Ottesen

Piraternes siv lianer

Rolf Kretzschmar, 1998


Mario Gröger

Marion Dorendorf


Alexander Lorenz, 2023

FF 18 - "Federspiel"

Anton Kerscher, 2018

" Landschaft "

Lothar Krüll

Ursula-Maren Fitz, 2002

Verbunden I, II und III

Theresa Zellhuber

Draht - verlasert

Manfred Reinhart, 2009


Ursula Dietze, 2012


Herbert Nouwens, 2018

Der Strom

Angel Iribarren Arlegui, 2016

Otra vuelta de tuerca

Otto Scherer


Babette Degraeve

spitting lama

Klaus-Peter Giersch


Almudena Torró, 2021

É - Panta rei 5

Kurt Zirwes

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