On this page you will find sculptures and three-dimensional works of art. You can marvel at the works of artists from our network and beyond and, if you wish, get in direct contact with our members. Are you particularly interested in a certain material, style or theme, e.g. wood, stone, land art installations or bronze casting? Then use our tags to narrow down your search. Try it out now and find your new favourite sculpture or an exciting new sculptor!

Markus Daum, 2017

Eisenzeichnung Zollern

Michael Berger, 2016

RK 053-1Ps

Bergit Hillner, 2017


Adrian BĂŒtikofer, 2010

Drei Tore - ein Kommen und Gehen

Angel Iribarren Arlegui, 2010

El reencuentro

Peter Berger, 2002

Pingu (Birdman_II)

Thomas Welti, 2007


Ute Deutz, 2022

perspective japonaise

Daniela Ferdani, 2013

Frisch geduscht

Helge van der Este, 2016


Angel Iribarren Arlegui, 2012


Michele Giacobino, 2020


Antonio Hernandez

Some of my pieces

Herbert Egger


Maria Zalitatsch, 2018

Masculine Fragility

Amos Plaut

Cornelia Hammans, 2010

Welle / Wave

Erica van Seeters


Lotti Meschter, 2004

Austausch - Bewegung

Marlies Poss


ĆȘla Ć ukytė, 2019

three layers

Lisa BĂŒscher, 2018

Holy father

andrea schiffers, 2015

Lebendigkeit, vitality

Tina Zimmermann, 2019


Angelika Lill-Pirrung

Illustre Gestalten

Giselle Weegels, 2019

Sound of the Universe

Bernhard Jordi, 2014

Zeitraubender Abgang

Patricia Dreyfus, 2021

TĂȘte 0246

Daniel Priese, 2010

fiesta brava

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