Picture credit: SN Forum Belgium, 2016. Photo: Christine Chilcott


Your donation for new perspectives

Our heart beats for three-dimensional art. And our heart is full with you, the people who enrich, inspire and actively shape the network with their passion.

For you, we want to offer a platform to exchange information, to learn from each other and to inspire one another.

On our homepage and at one of our numerous events artists, art lovers and institutions come together in both virtual and real space. Three-dimensional art connects us, it creates new perspectives and encourages us to have inspiring conversations.

Sculpture Network consists of a small team, but above all many volunteers. With our events, articles and cooperations we would like to give you a view behind the scenes and exhilarate interaction within the network. With your help we can expand sculpture network internationally, become active in new regions, establish new formats and report on new projects.

Support us and enable new perspectives on three-dimensional art!

What will your donations be used for?

  • Your donations will be used for our editorial work: in our online magazine we report weekly on exciting exhibitions and trade fairs or provide insights into the world of three-dimensional art through interviews and workshop reports.
  • To make sure that the network does not only exist on the web, we would like to create places of interaction for a personal exchange. Therefore your donations will be invested in our events, such as the International Forum or the many local events (our Dialogues).
  • The cornerstone of sculpture network is our homepage. It is the space where our members introduce themselves through their profiles and where we always provide up-to-date information. Here, too, we want to keep updated and improve ourselves.

We are delighted about every financial contribution, whether in miniature or in monumental format. Every Euro helps us to spread the love for three-dimensional art.

Via bank transfer to:

Sculpture Network e.V.
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE14 4306 0967 8238 8917 00

Sculpture Network e.V. is a registered non-profit organisation. Your donation is tax-deductible and very much appreciated! Of course you will receive a donation receipt from us, if needed.

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