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Fragment Hornet M93

Fragments are Collection

Fragment Hornet M93
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These deconstructed sculptures are a fusion between the classical and the contemporary, representing our civilisationā€™s continuous cycle of war. Their names are not taken from history books, rather they denote types of landmines, and are referred to, by the artist, as ā€˜Intentional Artā€™, for within is found both a concept and a purpose.

This work is meant to raise awareness of the effects of landmines and, in association with several charities, Fragments has funded landmine clearance in Vietnam and Kosovo, as well as mine field mapping in Angola and risk education in Afghanistan. These sculptures continue to support landmine clearance in Cambodia today in association with Mine Advisory Group, UK.
These paradoxically beautiful figures stand triumphantly as symbols of survival and hope.

The Fragments communicate an idea, a concept and a truth, the ultimate result would convey the demand by the audience for justice, and the need for them to lend assistance, for Fragments must deliver hope as well as information.

The work must challenge the aesthetics of figurative and decorative art, and motivate action. This communication takes a step towards a political world and confronts the exploitation of the art in order to encourage positive action.

The exhibition and promotion of the work is inspired by the concept of activism; the notion that we can use art to inform and alter, to this end will actively promote a concept of positive social engagement. The aim of the exhibition is to launch socio-political commentary that speaks of both war as well as the surviving nature of manĀ 


82cm, 25cm, 24cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Edition of 8 plus 4 Artist Proofs
Figurative, Realistic
Body, Society
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