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Lau Marble

The Figure

Lau Marble
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Conceived in 1988 in Paris, this piece was meant to portray both innocence and mystery and is dedicated to these attributes of women. When trying to present an idea of what may have inspired a particular sculpture, I can offer only this as an explanation; the clearest voice is found within the things you love and your own experiences and beliefs.

Stretched peacefully on a bed of stone, Lau’s body conveys a certain innocence, yet her contemplative stare might betray an inner turmoil and we wonder whether she is dreaming of future accomplishments or does she have recent disappointments. She stares into the middle distance and we instinctively sense she is as physically oblivious to her body as she is to the cold of the stone she adorns.

Being without a studio in which to work, I began this sculpture in my apartment when I first arrived in Monaco, in 1990. The pose was originally conceived in 1988 and although the first attempt to create the work was unsuccessful, the image remained so strong that I felt that I could not abandon this innocent reclining attitude. The sculpture was started on the tenth of February and continued until the twenty-eighth of November of the same year. Oddly enough, the two models that I found when I started in the south of France; both went by the same first name, which proved to be a bit confusing. I soon found that one was nicknamed "Lau" and I begin using this with both the work as well as with the friendly, calm women represented therein, Laurence Dufour.



14cm, 23cm, 102cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Bronze Edition 4 . Marble Edition 1
Figurative, Realistic, Classic
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