On this page you will find sculptures and three-dimensional works of art. You can marvel at the works of artists from our network and beyond and, if you wish, get in direct contact with our members. Are you particularly interested in a certain material, style or theme, e.g. wood, stone, land art installations or bronze casting? Then use our tags to narrow down your search. Try it out now and find your new favourite sculpture or an exciting new sculptor!

Vasile Stefanoiu, 2017

Self-portrait with ballerina in the garden pavilion

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Drager Meurtant, 2018

All humans are equal

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Jaco van der Vaart, 2018


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Marina Jacob, 2020

Syncopation II

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Alexandra Kapogianni-Beth, 2019


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Ute Deutz, 2020

silver linings

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husain seth, 2018

light sculpture

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Gevorg Tadevosyan, 2019


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Gevorg Tadevosyan, 2017

It's The Life

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Gevorg Tadevosyan, 2016

Trace of Dove

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Jochen Höwel

"Moralischer Grundbruch" Skulptur Material:…

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Maaike van de Gevel, 2019

Adem me / Breathe me

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