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Hypezig The hype-term is meant to critique theā€¦

The hype-term is meant to critique the media, usually negatively, by comparing it to a circus, and is considered an idiom as opposed to a literal observation. Usage of the term in this sense became common in the 1970s.
Hype is a drug !
In recent years, the city of Leipzig, becomes very young and flashy, like a cult object.
There are words like HYPEZIG , the city is hyped as the new, totally hip place where you should be.
It should be an "in" place, where the cost of living is low, the artist scene is raging and celebrating, hipsters and friendly people everywhere on the streets ..
The last victim was Berlin. What came out there?
In Berlin, the rents are always more expensive, many residents are displaced from their homes.
This also happens at this moment in the town Leipzig.
You want to soak up and will ... and promises to kick from cocaine.
Cocaine causes an increase in breathing or heart rate, increased blood pressure, euphoria, a sense of increased energy and activity!
This is what people are looking for .. the kick ..
The moment can be wonderful, but it does not last forever after the hype, the kick, its becomes more harder, reality strikes back.
It already begins to be noticeable. The open spaces and alternatives are less in Leipzig, rents are rising and there are some financially weaker people displaced.
The hangover from the kick is fast approaching. If you only times hype - is addictive, a carry on is always difficult, namely, when the drug back to city, with all its diseases.
Cocaine is usually sniffed (among others) with a big bill in the nose.
This is followed by a quick hype status.


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