Hungry for touch. A tactile journey in Zagreb

Croatia has a vibrant and exciting sculpture scene and the world is about to discover it. The Museum of Contemporary Art opens its doors for start'19, inviting everyone to a day dedicated to sculpture.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb certainly is one of the more impressive buildings in Zagreb. Built no earlier than 2009 the intriguingly asymmetric building with the huge glass fronts and the futuristic look seems ideally suited to house modern art. However, the Museum itself already looks back on more than 60 rich years of history. It was founded in 1954 by the City of Zagreb as the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art, with the task of researching, documenting, and promoting events, styles, and phenomena in contemporary art. The Gallery immediately set about building up its permanent collection and functioning as a museum, according to the museological regulations and needs of the time.

The Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb.


Over the years the Museum, which used to be situated in the Upper Town of Zagreb, has welcomed many reputable and influential guests: Outstanding artists such as Victor Vasarely, Jesus Raphael Soto, Julio Le Parc, Otto Piene, and the Zero Group have exhibited their work here, and influential characters like Abraham Moles and Umberto Eco shared their ideas here.


Permanent collection, Vojin Bakić, Olga Jevrić.JPG
Sculptures from the Museum's permanent collection by Vojin Bakic und Olga Jevric

Most of the Museum’s collection today consists of Croatian and international artists who were active after 1950. It also includes various donations made to the City of Zagreb. Many artworks from the Museum’s collection belong to the international movement of New Tendencies, founded at the Museum in 1961, which testifies to Zagreb’s role as one of the most interesting European art centres of the time.

The new building in the Avenija Dubrovnik celebrates its 10th birthday in 2019. The Museum is an umbrella institution for collecting, exploring and exhibiting contemporary art in Croatia. It has become a vital place for citizens interested in contemporary art, as well as tourists and the professional public. The Museum is a lively place where generations meet and art is made.


Nataša Ivančević, Deputy director, Collection department manager and Chief curator, explains the Museum’s mission and how this start’19 event can help in fulfilling it:


Ivan Kožarić Atelier
Ivan Kožarić, Atelier


“We are taking part in the international celebration of start’19 because we want to help promote contemporary sculpture and three-dimensional art and we also want to bring artists, the public and representatives of institutions together. The central theme of the celebration in Zagreb is the importance of touch in a world overflowing with visual information. That is why we will offer the public a chance to touch some of our sculptures and participate in tactile workshops. The round table discussion will include experts in social sciences and humanities debating the contemporary phenomenon called a society hungry for touch. There is a growing awareness of the importance of touch and physical experience in our overall development and lack thereof in today’s society. Screenings of documentaries about great Croatian sculptors will further inform the audience and give the opportunity of learning through film. We believe that the diverse programs will attract a wide public and artists, which will in turn increase interest and love for contemporary culture and deepen its understanding.”


Visitors have the chance to experience this concept live on January 27, 2019, when the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb celebrates start’19.


start’19 - sculpt the world with us!

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb
Avenija Dubrovnik 17
HR 10010 Zagreb

Sunday 27 January 2019 
starting at 11.00 Uhr

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Credit Title image: Carsten Holler, Double Slide


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