start'19 - 27 January 2019: Join us!


Become a host for start'19, the largest international festival of contemporary sculpture! Become part of a worldwide event! Set the trends for 2019!

In January, sculpture enthusiasts gather in various places around the world to celebrate three-dimensional art. You have the chance to make valuable contacts and attract the attention of art enthusiasts, art collectors and media from all over the world. As a host of start'19, you benefit from our network and increase your visibility - exactly with the target groups you want to reach: Artists, curators, gallery owners and art lovers.

In 2019, all hosts will unite under the common motto "Three-dimensional Art and Society". The implementation of the motto and the type of your event are up to you. After all, art is free!

Of course sculpture network supports you as a professional host with a variety of offers:

  • We facilitate you in organising a unique event at the beginning of the year by setting the framework of the celebration
  • You will be introduced to over 25,000 users on various social networks
  • Your individual start'19 program will be presented on the sculpture network website with a dedicated link and image. In the months of December and January alone we had approximately 23,000 visitors to our website
  • We will give you access to our entire professional network with more than 17,000 contacts to artists and galleries, museums, patrons of the arts and many more 
  • You will profit from our extensive publicity work as well as effective advertising measures 
  • Global networking is ensured by the live photo wall, which makes it possible for all the participants of start'19 to post photos in real time

These are just some of the benefits of being a host for start'19. Take advantage of this opportunity!


What exactly do you get?
Here you can find contribution and services for basis and premium packages at a glance: DOWNLOAD PDF

REGISTRATION Application deadline: 25.11.2018

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Sunday, 27 January 2019 in more than 20 countries around the world

Whether museum, sculpture park, studio, gallery or workspace: Be part of this event and celebrate together on Sunday, 27 January 2019, at 11 AM (MEZ) with many other art institutions, artists and enthusiastic art lovers!
Providing a unique event already in January: Be a host for start´19!

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Local and global

We celebrate three-dimensional contemporary art locally and internationally. This is our chance to be active on a local level and to connect to others around the world at the same time. This multicultural exchange widens horizons and let us plunge deeper into the global art world.

Three-dimensional art and society

Society shapes art and art shapes society. Both are inextricably linked. How do we view three-dimensional art? How does it change and influence our world view? The art form of sculpture in particular offers the opportunity to take on other perspectives and to question norms.


How can we start the new year better than with start'19? - Together we will toast contemporary sculpture and the New Year. We are curious to see what 2019 will bring in terms of three-dimensional art.


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