A day for sculpture: start’19 on 27 January 2019!

On Sunday, 27 January 2019, thousands of sculpture enthusiasts around the world experienced inspiring insights into three-dimensional art and celebrated with us. We all share a passion. On 27 January we lived it together. At 75 locations in Europe and beyond, visitors enjoyed unique sculpture moments. Impressions of all participating events remain on our photo wall. Have a look!

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sculpture network start'19 in Segelyacht Chiloé:
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Sunday, 27 January 2019 in more than 20 countries around the world

The events were as varied as the people who organised them: artists, curators, galleries, art lovers, critics, collectors, architects and other experts had each come up with an individual and unique program on the subject of "Three-dimensional art and society" that inspired many thousands of people.

Click on the map and discover all the venues: studios, galleries, museums, sculpture parks, workshops, art academies, etc. throughout Europe and beyond. There were discussions and laughter everywhere, and new contacts were made. Interesting guided tours, creative workshops, enchanting exhibitions and exciting lectures made the day a real pleasure. Everyone remained digitally connected to each other via our photo wall. With over 1500 photo and video contributions, everyone could gain impressions of what was happening at other locations at the same moment. sculpture network start thus brought the worldwide sculpture scene very closely together for the 10th time. We sculpt the world together!

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Local and global

We celebrate three-dimensional contemporary art locally and internationally. This is our chance to be active on a local level and to connect to others around the world at the same time. This multicultural exchange widens horizons and let us plunge deeper into the global art world.

A connection to history

For start'19 the sculpture workshop of the Danish National Museum in Brede Works will open its doors to the public. With a mixture of exhibited contemporary sculptures and works from many centuries, this event will certainly be something special.

Three-dimensional art and society

Society shapes art and art shapes society. Both are inextricably linked. How do we view three-dimensional art? How does it change and influence our world view? The art form of sculpture in particular offers the opportunity to take on other perspectives and to question norms.


You don't want to wait till January? Take part in our campaign now and become active yourself! Click HERE to find out how you can share your perspective. 


How can we start the new year better than with start'19? - Together we will toast contemporary sculpture and the New Year. We are curious to see what 2019 will bring in terms of three-dimensional art.

From the picture to the sculpture

Savoir vivre - something that artist Stefan Szczesny truly understands.  His positive attitude to life is reflected in his art in which his motto is: The more color the better. But how did he manage to be so successful with his artworks? And how did he end up being a host at start'19? We asked him!

Freedom in space

start'19 is getting closer. That's why we asked the start'19 host and artist Ulrich Schweiger from Gauting about his art, and what his guests can expect on 27th January.

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