Bernhard Keller: Apostrophe times 2, rotated 180 degrees

’•2,180° rotated: Bernhard Keller shows what you can do with an apostrophe when you change your perspective.

This artwork is part of our campaign "Perspective matters". With start'19 in mind, we asked artists what they saw in the apostrophe from our event logo – or if it even is an apostrophe in their eyes. The responses to this call for entries revealed a multitude of perspectives that we want to share with our readers. More information about the campaign can be found HERE

Bernhard Keller (here together with his work), Apostrophe times 2, rotated 180 degrees, (2018), solid spruce, 200 x 150 x 21 cm. Photo: Bettina Wettstein, Buchs SG


’•2,180° rotated: Bernhard Keller has changed his perspective on our apostrophe quite a lot! "Doubled and reversed, the apostrophe becomes a house, a bridge, an arrow, a bench, a passageway, ... and thus stands, temporarily, moveable at any time and in the most varied way, for art and culture", says Bernhard about his work. In a humorous way, he shows us how fruitful a change of perspective can be. See for yourself!

Are you inspired by this perspective? Don’t hesitate to show your own, then! To get you started we have prepared a craft template – download it HERE. As part of our campaign, we want to encourage everyone to look at their own perspective and maybe re-think it. While making such a small sculpture, you have the best opportunity to turn both things around: the paper sculpture and your own perspective ... we're curious to see what comes out of it! Show us your results with the hashtag #checkyourperspective




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