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Rekha Sameer - Introduction

I am a site specific conceptual artist and works with multiple mediums including cctv cameras, video, sound, clay and fabrics. I derive my subject from contemporary social, economic and political concerns. The majority of my artworks and installations are based on social issues and everyday life in the community. The art objects I create are aesthetically simple but conceptually and experientially complex. As an artist, I attach significance to having original experiences on the site and allows the fresh responses to the spaces to inform the art object. The simple reason the art form exists is to act as conduit between the artist and the viewer. Once the link is established, a cyclical relationship is activated between the artist, art-object and the viewer. The site specific installations also offer the viewer a new perspective and fresh insight into their everyday existence. I am a highly prolific artist. I am currently working on creating murals inspired by Diego Rivera on a recent visit to Mexico city. I am drawing on the political and social upheaval that India is going through to enable my practice.

I am originally from Mumbai, India. I completed my Foundation Art in Bucks New University and went on to study BA and MA Fine Art in Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London. I completed a PGCE in Learning and Teaching at Higher Education through HEA, England.

Artworks (13)

Rekha Sameer


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Rekha Sameer, 2021


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Rekha Sameer, 2021


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Rekha Sameer, 2018

‘Empty Yet Full’/1991, Kramatorsk, Ukraine

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Rekha Sameer, 2017


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Rekha Sameer, 2016

Abundance v/s Dearth

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Rekha Sameer, 2016


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Rekha Sameer, 2016

House Number 298

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Rekha Sameer, 2015


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Rekha Sameer, 2015


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Rekha Sameer, 2014


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Rekha Sameer, 2014


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Rekha Sameer, 2013

‘Crack’, Plaster of Paris Directional Forces 2013 Artoll, Bedburg-Hau, Germany www.artoll.de

Go to ‘Crack’, Plaster of Paris Directional Forces 2013 Artoll, Bedburg-Hau, Germany www.artoll.de