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Did you ever wonder who the people behind the scenes of sculpture network really are? What hidden talents they have? What role they play in the organization? Get to know those who have been here for a while and those who have just walked in through the office door – here are some entertaining handwritten answers!

Eva Daxl

Introduction Dr.Eva Daxl

Our author Dr. Eva Daxl describes herself as a curious and well-read person. Her best sculpture network moments are when the artists can read the positive articles about themselves. Her secret talent is always to stay up-to-date, good sence of smell and bread backing skills. Eva Daxl's favourite pastime is to read and to be creative. She thinks the world needs an interactive sculpture which could communicate with the visitors and be time and again differently presented.

Martina Fischer

Introduction Martina Fischer

Nina GramĂĽller

Introduction Nina GramĂĽller

Antri Koumidou

Introduction Andri Koumidou

Anastasia Kozlova

Introduction Anastasia Kozlova

Elisabeth Pilhofer

Introduction Elisabeth Pilhofer

Ilaria Specos

Introduction Ilaria Specos


Christina WĂĽrtenberger

Our colleague Christina WĂĽrtenberger, in charge of the Opportunities-Website, is an art historian from Munich. Her best experience during the work at sculpture network were the discussions about life and sculpture at an art fair with other sculpture network participants. Christina's super ability is to recognize the different apple sorts through one bite. Her favorite free time activities are to bike outside Leipzig (where Christina has been living for two years) and to explore new places. Her wish would be to provoke more awareness of climate crisis through new visual forms. Fortunately there are more and more calls for tender on the subjects Sustainability, Recycling, Social Justice and Nature.

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