Sculpture “Successió en l’espai” (Succession in Space) by Miquel Andrino

The sculpture "Successió en l’espai" by Miquel Andrino is located in Parc de Sant Cebrià, a landscaped area on top of the tunnel of the motorway that limits Sant Cugat with Valldoreix. Miquel Andrino holds a Phd in Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona and he combines his artistic activity with teaching.

The work made of wood and iron measuring 300 x 70 x 70 cm was presented at the II Valldoreix Sculpture Biennial, which was held a year ago, and obtained an honorable mention. Its development combines railway lines painted in red and in the original project, the integration of a cable of “led” lights were expected, which joined the pieces producing the effect of a flash of lightning on the whole work. It is an ordered composition of ten rectangular wooden prismatic elements placed vertically at a certain distance from each other, creating a movement and a free fall of space volumes as if they were thrown at random. Wood generators, as the nucleus of the motif, make up a dynamic geometry and a rationalistic, almost kinetic, formal display of easy perception. The sculpture, built from industrial materials of modern urban life, evokes the railway. Located near the station, it wins in meaning.

Miquel Andrino, "Successió en l’espai", © Imma Pueyo


Author: Imma Pueyo

Imma is a historian and art critic, living and working near Barcelona. She has been a member of sculpture network for almost three years and has joined us on many Dialogues.

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