PERSONAL STRUCTURES and the Question of Identity: Giardini (Part 2)

This year again, the Personal Structures art exhibition will also take place in the Giardini della Marinaressa in the heart of Venice.

Also this year the exhibition Personal Structures takes place in the context of the art biennale in Venice. The exhibition focuses on the theme of "Identity". As with the previous paintings, the exhibition will take place at the Palazzo Mora and the Palazzo Bembo, as well as at the Giardini. The Giardini Marinaressa is located along the Empire Riva, the monumental promenade of the city of Venice and has a breathtaking view over the Laguna. It was built in the thirties of the XX century and was originally intended to be a place of celebrations. This year, three sculpture network members are involved in the Personal Structures exhibition. They give us an exclusive insight into the background of the exhibition. 


Anton Kerscher (DEU) 

20190509_anton kerscher_hey you_front.jpg
Anton Kerscher, Hey You; Metall; 350×120×100 cm; 2018/19; Giardini della Marinaressa, Venedig; © Anton Kerscher.  

"In a hundred years it'll all be over! - In a hundred years there will be no more human life on earth. - Why so?”  The metal sculpture Hey You by Anton Kerscher points with an extra-large finger at every single visitor. Because every single one of us is responsible for global warming, which continuously changes the earth and will soon make it uninhabitable for mankind. The figure, which already seems to dissolve bit by bit, stands on a deformed hemisphere that continues to smash under the weight of the foot - our earth. Self-critical questions arise:  How much do I consume natural resources? And what can I do to protect the earth's climate?


Franziska & Mercedes Welte (AUT) 

Mercedes & Franziska Welte, Composition of Joy; Metall, Karbon, Harze, Pigmente; 2019;Giardini della Marinaressa, Venedig;© NONOS.


Franziska and Mercedes Welte are now regarded as specialists for figural female sculptures. Their so-called NONOS stand for the joy of senses and life and thus refer to the cosmological cycle of becoming, being and passing. As symbols for sea, air and sky they appear as icons. In their aesthetic formal language, however, they also convey tender poetry, freedom and independence with complete self-confidence. But it is also the great freedom in reception and this oscillating feeling of space - paired with the smooth, sophisticated coloring of the surface design - that makes these works so exciting for the viewer and calls for an active perception of art. The new works for Venice also impress by their monumental appearance. They reflect a dematerialized weightlessness, a kind of spiritualization that leads from an earthly to the cosmic realm.


Maritta Winter, Douceur; Aluminium lackiert; 218 cm Höhe; 2014; Giardini della Marinaressa, Venedig; Foto: Alessandra Valle.  

Maritta Winter (CHE) 

She gets inspiration for her work from an intuitive feeling for growth, architecture and movement. Especially spontaneous dance and contact improvisations inspire her. What do you feel when you experience a construction, a nature or your own movement, for example in dance? This is where creation begins for her. The memory of these impressions flows into her sculptures. "It feels as if the forms find me". It is precisely this combination of movement and architectural forms in her sculptures that has led many of them to find their home in public squares and buildings. In a subtle dialogue with music, body and space she creates virtual spaces and forms. "The 20-year interaction with the built space was also very formative for me. In the effect on the inhabitants I recognize parallels to the effect of a sculpture on its viewer. Which form, which color, which surface quality? Everything radiates and thus has an effect".


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European Cultural Centre Italien
Palazzo Bembo, Palazzo Mora und Giardini Marinaressa
Venedig (ITA)
11. Mai – 24. November 2019


Author: Claudia Thiel

Claudia Thiel is an art historian and likes to pose her questions to the subject area in a journalistic style.




Cover: Mercedes & Franziska Welte, Sophia - the Poesy of Beauty; Metall, Karbon, Harze, Pigmente; 2019;Giardini della Marinaressa, Venedig; © NONOS.


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