Sculpture Network’s Emerging Sculptor Award

It is a challenge to be a sculptor today. Time is money, and sculpting takes a lot of time. As well as that you need an affordable studio space, which is hard to come by. To encourage younger artists to make three dimensional art, the Curatorial Board of Sculpture Network came up with the idea of an Emerging Sculptor Award.


We will award three prizes to support the selected artists' creative journey without further conditions attached. The winner of the first prize receives 3,500 €, the second prize secures 2,500 €, and the third prize is bestowed with 1,500 €. All winners also receive a free one-year membership of Sculpture Network.


Eligible are sculptors between the ages of 25 and up to 40 years old. The selection of candidates will be done by Sculpture Network coordinators, who have knowledge of the sculpture field. They will nominate 3-5 nominees: 1 or 2 living in the coordinator’s country of residence and 2-4 nominees from outside their country of residence. The artists will be selected on the basis of their entire œuvre.


The artworks will be judged based on several essential criteria, including but not limited to; concept, quality of execution, originality, and three-dimensionality of the artworks, independent of material.

Our esteemed jury is comprised of these three renowned judges and one independet jury chairperson:

  • Philip Morlock, curator, artist
  • Hartmut Stielow, artist, founder and member Curatorial Board Sculpture Network
  • Laure Debouttière, art historian, member Curatorial Board Sculpture Network
  • Independent chairperson

Finalists and Winners

The finalists will be announced in the Newsletter of February 8, 2024.

The winners will be presented in the Awards Night in our Online Club on Monday, 25 March, 2024 8pm CEST.



About the author

Anne Berk

Anne Berk is Vice Chairperson of Sculpture Network, responsible for our events and also Coordinator for the Netherlands.

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