The Miraculous Resurrection of sculpture network! By Anne Berk

Dear sculpture friends,
On the 14th March, you were invited to an extraordinary meeting hosted by sculpture network.
After being dissolved in October 2020, sculpture network was brought to life again by the Think Tank on the 14th of March 2021. This group of inspired and dedicated people succeeded in making a plan to revive sculpture network. It’s a miracle!

After the plan succeeded, we celebrated the resurrection with a collective laughter performance led by our member Godelief Smulders. The virtual space, uniting us across the borders, was filled with rapturous laughter. 

Historical moment

This is a historical moment! In 2005, this European organization catering for sculptors, mediators and lovers of sculpture was founded by artist Hartmut Stielow and businessman Ralf Kirberg. In 15 years, they created a wonderful network of 800 members throughout Europe, who stay connected through the website, as well as through local Dialogues, international Forums, art trips and the StArt event.
From now on, with your support, we will write a new chapter, creating a new future for this network of sculpture loving soulmates in Europe!

Godelief Smulders.jpg
Godelief Smulders, e-l@augh, wr@apping the world in l@aughter, 2020

The new Board

On the 14th of March, the new board was conclusively elected. Frank Evelein, a Dutch sculpture lover with a background in business, is the new Chairman. Anne Berk, a Dutch curator, author and educator is vice-chairman. Yke Prins, a Dutch sculptor and educator, is a member of the board, as well as Christian Friederichs a German amateur sculptor and an expert in finance. The fifth place on the board is still vacant, which remains to be filled in the future. You can find information regarding the members of the new board on the website, under the caption Network.

Stand up for sculpture!

Our mission is to promote European sculpture and 3D art by connecting all
professionals and friends with a shared  passion and interest for these artistic mediums. 

"Art is there to reveal man to himself,’’ said the Dutch sculptor Henk Visch. Since the beginning of humankind, people have always made art. It is a way to order the world, and to reflect on life. 
Sculpture focuses specifically on the physical interaction with the world. Today, 
as we are increasingly living through the visual sense, communicating via screens in virtual space, we need the sense of touch more than ever. Sculpture is a way to ground ourselves, and connect to the earth. So stand up for sculpture!

Together with you 

In creating a new future, the new board hopes to cooperate with you, our 800 members in 40 different countries! 
sculpture network is created not only for, but by its members. We have non-active members, as well as active members, of whom some are coordinators, board members, or work on other specific tasks.
This is the ideal network: a vibrant organisation with members across the community interacting with each other. 
Become active! Let us know if you want to help or if you have any ideas for us! 


IF Van Haerents.jpg
International Forum 2016, Visit Van Haerents Art Collection Photo Christine Chilcott 

Your support

So what do you like about sculpture network? And would you be willing to help? We sent you a questionnaire to find out. Much to our delight, many people responded 
and offered us help. We have a long list of members who would like to become active!

Our current challenge is how to integrate the active members into a smooth running organization. Some of you have already translated texts, participated in Online Events, or searched for Opportunities. If we didn’t get back to you yet, please note 
that we are very grateful  that you offered your help. Thank you very much! 

What services do you like?

The results of the survey show that we got very positive feedback on our services.  You value the website, the Newsletter, the Opportunities, the local Dialogues,the international art trips and the Forum. 
You like to show your work on the website. You like to network, to exchange information with sculptors and sculpture lovers in Europe. You like to meet up physically, and you like the feeling of community. ‘’Being an artist is a lonely job.’’ 
‘’I like to meet soulmates in Europe.’’ 

We therefore strive to continue the activities and services that were offered before the pandemic. As soon as possible, depending on the corona situation, we will restart Dialogues. Later on, We hope to organize an international Forum in Malaga, as well as a Sculpture Festival. 

Strategy Plan

How can we organise the sculpture network more efficiently, with less costs? For months, the Think Tank met on a weekly basis in order to create an extensive strategy plan, which you can find on our website under the caption Facts & Figures. 

As we only have the budget for one part time member of staff, involving active members is a way to alleviate the tasks of the office. 

Other ways to reorganize and save costs are:

  • Simplify (We are currently busy with constructing a cheaper website)
  • Decentralize (organisation of Dialogues and Sculpture Festival – partly by coordinators.)
  • Outsource (art trips)
  • Renew (Online Activities, with no costs)

By decentralizing some tasks to the coordinators, they take on more responsibility. The coordinators play a key role. They have a network with artists in their country and know what is going on. Once a year, they should meet with the board to be heard and give advice. Coordinators and artists are directly presented to the board.

The Online Club

As we can’t meet in person, we created The Online Club. The floor is yours! 
At The Online Club you can present your ideas, and share them with others across borders. It is a way to strengthen the network and create community feeling. 
And it doesn’t cost you or the organisation a penny.

The Workshop Networking and Sculpture Date were met with enthusiasm. For example the meeting on Success Stories: Artists creating Events and Participating in the Venice Biennale, yes or no? which led to a debate of 2 hours where the pros and cons were thoroughly discussed.
The next event Fire, Fog, Light & Electricity is on the 22 of March at 20.00 CEST.
Suggestions for special issues for The Online Club can be sent to our active member Carla Rump.

Stay a member and support us

We, the board, will do our best to rebuild the sculpture network. We will do this with the help of coordinators, active members, and you all!

Help us to keep the network alive, and remain a member. 
Introduce our wonderful organisation to your colleagues and friends, and enable them to join as well!

Give young sculptors a chance, and pay for their membership or donate 120 €. 
Feel free to contact our active member Ien van Wierst, who is responsible for funding.

Together, we breathe life into this wonderful community of sculpture lovers in Europe! 

The new board
Frank Evelein, Anne Berk, Yke Prins and Christian Friederichs


Coverpicture: Gertjan Evenhuis, sculpting stone in his studio in Hoogwoud NL, 2020

Munich/ Berlin, 15th March 2021


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