Dialogue with Sergi Aguilar. Spaces of the memory

The last Dialogue in Barcelona gave us the opportunity to visit Aguilar's studio. Our member Imma Pueyo was there and shares some of her impressions.

The studio and workshop of Sergi Aguilar, a sphere of contemporary art with sculptures, drawings, design and photographs, is situated in one of the most ancient neighbourhoods of Barcelona. The room is large, luminous, and ideal for working and exhibiting. A group of members and friends of sculpture network coordinated by Neus Bergua took the opportunity to meet Sergi Aguilar face to face. The artist offered us a series of explanations concerning the very didactic surroundings of his work and shared his ideas on sculpture and art with us.

Foto: Neus Bergua

Sergi Aguilar, who is known as a multifaceted artist, started the Dialogue by showing the pioneering pieces of his professional career, accompanied by a rigorous analysis of the formal and conceptual key ideas surrounding them. His first works are rather abstract, leaning towards geometric trends. They are realized in marble and later in steel – a material with which a planimetric conception of sculpture is developed, researching the possibilities in three-dimensional space.Aguilar’s works in general incorporate the minimalist poetics and strive for visual simplicity, showing us that a drawing or a diagram can be the most effective form to represent the idea of an object. His latest pieces appreciate light stylistic derivations, oscillating between the familiar and the experimental. He has modelled soft and undulating volumes evoking African landscapes he has visited.

Photo: Neus Bergua

The dialogue with Sergi Aguilar was glorious, his observations and explanations boosted the interest of the participants for his work, one of the most significant of our time.

Author: Imma Pueyo
Imma is a historian and art critic, living and working near Barcelona. She has been a member of sculpture network for almost three years and has joined us on many Dialogues. Today she writes about her experiences at the Dialogue in May in Barcelona.


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