Creative Night - The Artmap has been created

On March 9th the Creative Night took place at the MCBW and we were there. Together with the visitors we created the Artmap of Munich. Read more about our event and the finished result!

Most of Munich's art locations are nationally known, and in some cases even internationally. From the sculpture Bavaria, up to Haus der Kunst there is a lot there. This time, however, we were not only interested in the most famous art locations in Munich, but also in the favorite art locations of Munich residents. 

Creative Night at the HFF

Therefore, we took part in the Creative Night at the Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF), organized by the city magazine Mucbook, as part of the biggest design week in Germany - the Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) and asked the visitors to share their favourites and insider tips with us.

Die Artmap

Now the Artmap came into play. Our beautiful Artmap shows a unique map of Munich, which the design students Tatiana Vukolova, Sophia Stiegler, Lea Rauscher and Isabella Dauser - under the supervision of Nicole Seidel (Dipl.-Kummunikationsdesignerin) - of the Design School Munich have designed for us and were also there.

The Designers Tatiana Vukolova, Sophia Stiegler, Lea Rauscher und Isabella Dauser (no fixed order)

The process

The process that ensued was not only a challenge for the design students, but also for the guests of the Creative Night. 
The visitors got post-its, wrote their favourite art locations on them and stuck them to the right position on the map. There was an active exchange between the participants, between the artists and visitors present and between the designers and those who were enthusiastic about their work. 
In addition, the four students drew the Munich residents' favourite art locations directly on paper. Thus, works of art were immediately created on site from the written art site.

The result

The result of the evening: good mood, manifold conversations, a lot of art, a lot of creativity, lively exchange, but above all a colourfully filled Artmap - the guests named about 90 art locations as their favourites! Among these are, for example, Fritz Koenig's Große Biga in front of the Alte Pinakothek, a wood carving in an old tree in Westpark, the wild boar in front of the fishing and hunting museum, the Bamberg Villa, the cowboy sculpture in Petuelpark or the Olympic Park.
The only thing left for us to say is: THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING. It was nice to design this unique map together with you. The result of the Artmap in detail will appear as a printed supplement in the Mucbook magazine.

The artists

In order to make our space, in which the Artmap was positioned, a very special one, we have also set up a small exhibition with the help of the art of our sculpture-network members. 

Walter Dorsch, Markus Brinker, Andrea Matheisen, Antje Sträter and Winfried Becker embellished the room with their works. 

Walter Dorsch presented his prince Der holzerne Prinz - ein Popanz or Muss jeder jeden Mist teilnehmen? from 2017, which is a tribute to Béla Bartók.
Behind the Prince lies an exciting story that the artist brought with him that evening: 
"A prince fell in love with a princess. She was vain and stupid - and spurned him. He then carved a wooden prince and decorated him with royal ornaments. That convinced them. Her disappointment was great when he later stood naked in front of her like this. In Béla Bartok's ballet, however, the story ends well."

Markus Brinker also exhibited his work Kundalini from 2015 in our room. He is a freelance wood artist and usually presents his works in solo and collective exhibitions and says that working with wood is his profession and vocation. Most of his sculptures are abstract, but recently figurative sculptures have been created again. 

The third artist present was Andrea Matheisen, with her work Sei Vogel, sei frei! from 2017. The artist says about herself: "From my children I have the lightness - from my husband the confidence. From the mother the longing for silence - from the father the sense for clear thoughts. From the grandmothers creativity and down-to-earthness - and from the constraints that were exerted on me, freedom!

The artist Antje Stäter also presented her work Verblendung (2012). Mrs. Sträter describes her work as follows: "As a wanderer, I walk between spaces and create locations. The space in between - the space of the pause - the place of silence - is the inspirational, the creative. Space is doing. The location is form brought into matter. The transformation of the invisible into the visible".

Last but not least, our member Winfried Becker was on site with his work Hase B5 (2018) made of cast iron. The artist deals with the motif of the animal and tries to trace the essence of the animal even more through his works.


Author: Natalia Nedza 

My first event at sculpture network and it couldn't have been better!

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