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Antri Koumidou

6900 Bregenz

Dora Budor

On the first floor of KUB Budor is presenting freestanding sculptures of inverted casts of this subterranean crevice against the gallery walls. Its segments measure 29 meters in total, which is the width and length of the excavated pit that hosts the building’s foundations.

The wall’s latex surface has captured decades of sediments and deposits. In a continuation of a series of recent works conceived metabolically, the institution digests its own groundwork. The materials which these works are created from originate from the site of the exhibition itself in Bregenz, such as shredded paper from KUB’s administration building or coffee waste from the KUB café bar, as well as from Berlin, where she has spent the last few months conceiving the exhibition.

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Picture: Dora Budor, Ephemerol, 2016, installation view, Ramiken Crucible, New York, Photo: Dario Lasagni, Courtesy of the artist, © Dora Budor


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