Marina Jacob

Syncopation II

steel, textile, brass
Syncopation is well known to musicians, linguists but also to doctors. In music it occurs when rhythmic accent is placed where it wouldn’t be normally expected. Here it provides for tension and originality. In medicine, however, it designates an unexpected collapse and loss of consciousness.
As the title suggests, in this work a potential of the unexpected is celebrated.

The series consists of several works developed during the Covid-19 lockdown and are informed by Bruno Latour’s theories. The ideas of the French sociologist concerning non-human agency were successfully applied on the interspecies relationships by the philosopher Vinciane Despret. Her insights gained a new meaning during the pandemic. When zillions of non-human actors enter the stage, when a comfortable verticality is challenged, a new hybrid space emerges.
In this case an extreme conflict of materials sets the lens for exploring the new dynamics.
Embroidery on steel as a new technique mirrors a coming to terms with the instability of boarders and categories. It has been conceived as a recontextualization of crafts associated with slavery in Russia. Drawing on a large scale proved to be an adequate medium, resonating with the roller-coaster feelings of the confinement.


250cm, 130cm, 1cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Textile, Metal
All artworks from Marina Jacob
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