Marina Jacob

In my practice
I introduce elements of drawing into sculptural works and vice versa. For example, I use mark-making inherent to drawing in my sculptural works and turn sculptures into protagonists of my drawings. On the other hand, I use sculptural process and materials for my drawings, including molten and sawn metals, wax and glass.
My work on hybrid objects is informed by critical animal studies but reflects on artistic response as different to scientific or activist approaches. This concern dictates the choice of highly adverse materials. It also articulates with a deliberate address to embodied state of the viewer.
Such approach results in suspension of the artistic control. While working three-dimensionally, I intentionally alternate every own step with a pose. This interval offers to materials and processes a time for response that conditions my next step. The materials and processes become none-human actors and collaborators of these works.
Using reversible materials like tin, glass splitters and old textiles is crucial for my practice. Formal solutions are often rooted in a research on ethnic crafts or based on a playful recontextualization of the applied art techniques.

Marina Jacob is a German artist based in Frankfurt am Main. Her practice includes sculpture and large format drawing, sometimes with performative elements. marina tests the potential of material imagination as a hybrid space and a catalyst. Her works are in equal measure Informed by philosophical, sociological, musical theories and by experimentation with ethnic crafts. The artist studied Fine art at Chelsea College of Arts, UAL, London and received a MA degree with distinction from Kingston University, Kingston School of Arts, London.

Artworks (15)

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