Alessandro Pongan


WINNER OF PARCO BALOSSA ART PRIZE 2018, curated by Casa Testori for Parco Nord Milano. Permanent installation september the 15th 2018, the sculpture is part of an art itinerary in the public park.

The Parco della Balossait is a public park obtained from an area that has strenuously resisted the attack of building speculation in the northern suburbs of Milan now part od Parco Nord Milano.

The work consists of a structure of recycled Innocenti tubes, a symbol of building construction, and the planting of climbing plants. The nature that resists and takes back its spaces.
The creepers are Parthenocissus quinquefolia, chosen for their color mutation accompanying the succession of the seasons.

The sculpture is an elaboration of my Prono archetype which here becomes a small gentle giant. His position evokes the first movements of a child, like a new awareness of humanity in relation to the environment.

The sculpture has immediately become a landmark of the territory and the final stage of a path of urban art trekking. When a work of art generates a place!

The last time I visited the little giant, as soon as I approached, a group of birds took flight from it.

This work is now part of the European Sculpture Path of ART MOVES EUROPE.


300cm, 400cm, 550cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Natural Materials, Metal
Geometric, Monumental, Land Art
Nature, Body
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