Harry Schumacher


We use nature as a laboratory which gives us the right to do with it what we want. For an old butcher shop in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, I made a site-specific artwork installation dealing with a specific event. The event is the economical fight for the arctic in the search for oil. A struggle for the preservation of the arctic itself should be a lot more meaningful. The event got in the news when people of Greenpeace were held as hostages by the Russian Federation. The news was no longer about the damage done to the arctic, and so to nature worldwide. Attention needed to go back to the original problem, so I made this installation to pick up the initial debate. There were lectures and debates with Greenpeace and it got quite a lot of publicity.


178cm, 90cm, 140cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Natural Materials, Metal, Ice, Plaster
Performance, Installation, Abstract, Interactive, Monumental
Society, Science, Nature
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