Marina Jacob

Thicker than blood I

tin, steel, glass, aluminum, wax, textile
Thicker Than Blood Series (I to VII)
Is blood thicker than water? Does it mean any blood and what are the criteria for exclusion? The work series is a meditation on negative spaces, spaces of exclusion subverting the wisdom of this proverb.
Ultimate conflict of the materials is used to indicate the zones of concern. The focus remains on the body and its vulnerability as a common denominator for human and non-human animals. Thicker Than Blood’s axis is depth as a dimension traditionally denied to non-humans. Adverse substances are precariously balanced here, the fear of hybridity is counterbalanced by a hope, a moral alarm set against a predatorial hype.
Reversible materials like wax, tin, glass splitters are used in Thicker Than Blood. The materials in question are able to undergo both, metamorphosis and transformation, repeatedly. Experimental techniques of attempt-and-response are being experimented with to allow for unfolding of the agency and memory of the substances.
This approach is particularly sensitive to the relation of the body, materials, place and space.


35cm, 200cm, 250cm (Height, Width, Depth)
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