Chantal Pollier

Chantal Pollier is a visual artist who prefers to work with stone. ( besides wax, glass, drawing and photography/video) All her work holds references to temporality and transience. Many are rooted in science, with a particular interest in geology, biology, anatomy and morphology. The way in which collaborating artists and scientists can enter each other’s territory, and the extent to which they can thereby add new dimensions to both their own work and that of their partners, leads her to fresh perspectives and further steps.
The skin forms a protective barrier between a being and everything that exists outside that being. A vulnerable border, which through recognition simultaneously invokes empathy and the urge to cross an invisible border. Every living being has this barrier.

Again and again, she is captivated by the interesting tension between the futile facts of her memories and the magnificence of nature. She tries to rewrite her personal interpretations in a formal language where memories and markings appear on the surface – the skin – of her work.
Time is a strange thing. In nature time becomes almost meaningless, considering the history of the earth our time becomes minute. And in this minute time we must act, in kindness and beauty…

Artworks (2)

Chantal Pollier, 2018

Convergent 2

Chantal Pollier, 2022

Polymastos 2

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