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Until November, 4 the 7th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture takes place in Bad Ragaz and Vaduz, with 400 works of art in the open air. There are also 9 sculpture network members. We asked them about their thoughts on their works.

Jörg Plickat, Germany

The theme of my work is the transformation. The wheel of time that keeps spinning continuously and never stops. Mankind needs nature and its resources. But nature does not need humans.
The approach of this sculpture is not an outcry, but rather of a quiet, philosophical nature. Nevertheless, the postulate resonates that resources should be used sparingly and in an environmentally conscious manner, so that the next great change does not sweep us or future generations off this planet.

Weathering steel was deliberately chosen because it shows the transience very clearly, especially with the rust. The sculpture will outlive a generation, but the process will continue.

The conceptual approach of the work is also LandArt to some extent. The lake and the mountain scenery – the local reference – are deliberately chosen to emphasize the statement of the sculpture.

Jörg Plickat, Move (2017) weathering steel, Lake Giessen Bad Ragarz. Photo: Fabio Spadin


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