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Until November, 4 the 7th Swiss Triennial of Sculpture takes place in Bad Ragaz and Vaduz, with 400 works of art in the open air. There are also 9 sculpture network members. We asked them about their thoughts on their works.

Gertjan Evenhuis, The Netherlands

'I already told you a dozen times '(2015-2018) Sized 3 m high.
Materials: Granite du Compeix (France)

My work is my life; it is therefore originated in life. It is about our species, the "humane condition”. All the social topics are in charge.

Gertjan Evenhuis, The Netherlands

'Het Immernimmer '(2013-2015) (in Dutch: The Evernever) Sized: 4,5 m high and 5 m long.
Materials: Poplar wood, partly burned, partly painted


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