Be Part of the sculpture network Advent calendar: Perpective Matters

Perspective matters! After 15 years of sculpture network we have learned one thing: what makes our network unique is the diversity of our members` perspectives.

The “apostrophe” campaign for our international festival of contemporary sculpture start'19 inspired you to create unbelievably many interpretations of how a small sign like the apostrophe can be represented in a variety of ways. The biggest difference: the individual point of view.

At the Sculpture Network Lab, too, the focus is on attitude: the perspectives on a wide variety of topics are discussed in an interdisciplinary manner - this is the concept behind the series of events that will continue in Zurich on 13 November.

How does the artists` perspective reveal itself in a work of art? We take a close look and present the most exciting works of our members every week on our social media channels. Whether commenting on current social issues or playing with form, each of the artists makes their own point of view tangible. That's one reason why we want to present three-dimensional art more prominent in the social media: if statements today are limited by 280 characters - then a work of art usually says more than 1000 words.


Now the year is drawing to a close and we would like to know more about your perspective: on the year, on Advent, on life and above all, of course, on sculpture.  Send us your favourite photo, your own point of view, your funniest story, your most memorable moments, your most beautiful experience around the sculpture until 17.11. 2019. to 24 submissions will be selected by a jury and presented on our website and our social media channels in December.


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