Take your artwork for a walk!

For many of us the daily walk has become routine. A way to escape from home office and homeschooling and enjoy spring.

While museums everywhere remain closed, people are thinking up other ways to fill their lives with creativity. Here in Munich you can see numerous rainbows in the windows or painted stones along the way.


Our member Janine von Thungen has inspired us to a special action: Take your artwork for a walk!

The lockdown is and remains a very serious obstacle for many artists all over the world. All events have been cancelled. But we can also use this as an opportunity to change things. For example, to bring our artworks outside the closed rooms of museums and galleries.

Many exhibitions are currently behind closed doors and only some can be extended after the lockdown.

So in the meantime, take your works of art for a walk! This way they can be seen without the viewer having to be afraid to get infected in a closed room with many other people.

We would like to invite other artists and all people interested in art to join in and take their works of art on a walk and share them online with us.

Anyone who wants to join in can either send pictures of their art walks to info@sculpture-network.org or post them with the hashtag #IWalkMyArt on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

We will regularly share posts in social media and expand our image gallery.

Bitte Pflichtfelder ausfüllen