2020 will be bright!

The upcoming year will bring three great events: the new Midsummer Sculpture Festival in June, an Experience to the Berlin Art Week in September and the 15th edition of sculpture network’s International Forum in November.

December is the time to look back on the past year and review all that has occurred: what fairs have I been present at? Which contacts have I made? What exhibitions have I created, seen, loved or hated? Which places have I visited? And did I commit myself to a good cause?

2019 was an important year for Sculpture Network. The association has existed for the last fifteen years now and throughout the years we’ve been committed to three-dimensional art. For us, this was reason enough to take some time to look back on the history of the organization and to review the many highlights and some of our favourite events that have taken place over the years.

Now, at the end of the year, when everyone is looking back, we would also like to look forward. Full of anticipation, we want to share with you what awaits us next year. Specifically, a light-filled 2020 and above all Light on Sculpture.

Three big events will illuminate the upcoming year:


Midsummer Sculpture Festival

start’ will now become the Midsummer Sculpture Festival - celebrate art, summer and life with us on 20 June 2020 under the motto "Light on Sculpture"!

Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb (Croatia)_start19.JPG
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb start´19

The feedback we have received from start' in recent years has shown time and again that you stand behind our format and want to shape it with us. Unfortunately, not everyone was able to join us in the last years. As we have had to miss out on many sculpture parks and gardens, as well as, unheated studios and other places due to their being closed, inaccessible, or inhospitable in winter, we have now turned our event into a festival that will take place in the warmth and light of summer and allow for these hosts to be included.

Studios, sculpture parks, open-air exhibitions, museums, towns, curators, workshops, backyards, art foundries, galleries, museum gardens and anyone else who wants to share their enthusiasm for sculpture - you are all invited to participate in your very own way!

Share your passion in a workshop, show your three-dimensional collection in guided tours, let us look over your shoulder, stage the play of light and shadow, open your studio for art enthusiasts, or raise a glass with us and give a toast in your gallery. From early morning on into the night, indoors and outdoors, we want to give the sculpture your space.


Experience Berlin Art Week

Join us in exploring the German capital's hottest trends at the Berlin Art Week in September 2020.

Sculpture network invites you on a unique adventure through Berlin's artistic and architectural treasures. Discover with us and an international group of artists, collectors and art lovers the young, vibrant art and collector scene of Berlin.

As a special offer for our artist members we offer discounted places. You can stay overnight with hosts instead of in a hotel and benefit even more from the local scene!

The Berlin Art Week, Art Berlin and Positions Art Fair are THE highlights of the art calendar in Berlin. As soon as the exact date is set by the organizers, we will inform you as soon as possible.

Interested parties can now register without obligation and free of charge by sending an e-mail to


Sculpture Networks XV. International Forum Málaga

The International Forum will be held in Málaga from November 19th till November 21st, 2020. In its 15th edition, the Forum will explore how sculpture is being experienced in this century. What “conversations” are taking place between the artwork and the audience, and between different publics? How is it enjoyed? What emotional responses does contemporary sculpture elicit?  What kind of experience does the public expect or deserve? How are we expected to behave? What are the best ways, in terms of place and time, to generate interaction with the public? How has public commissioning evolved? How do audiences or collectors get involved? How are new technologies and social media shaping the ways we experience sculpture? And how do all these factors affect the production of and access to sculpture today?

International Forum XI, 2012, Photo: Peter Fischer-Piel


These will be some of the topics addressed by our international speakers at the upcoming forum: from public approaches to private initiatives, from real-life interaction to the trends and strategies of digital experience.


Save the dates for these upcoming events and look ahead with us!


Event details, terms & conditions of participation for the Midsummer Sculputre Festival and the XV. International Forum will soon be available.

Title: start'19, NAFAB FOAMS Bonn, Bonn-Beuel (Germany)



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