International Art in a Former Foundry

NordArt celebrates its 20th anniversary with works by 200 selected artists from around the world: It is a worthwhile destination.
More than 3000 artists from 105 countries applied to participate this year, seven sculpture network members succeeded in being a part of one of the biggest contemporary art exhibitions in Europe.

sculpture network and NordArt have a long and friendly relationship. That’s not surprising since, as one of the largest annual exhibitions of contemporary art, it has repeatedly been a platform where sculpture network members have presented their works. This year 200 selected artists from around the world are showing their paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures and installations at the impressive location of the former iron foundry in CarlshütteIn. The international approach offers a wide variety of perspectives and sends visitors on an incomparable tour through the world of art art in very special atmosphere.

During a tour of the enormous aisles, the restored ACO coach house and the spacious park area, you will also encounter the works of seven sculpture network members, such as the stone sculptures by Dorsten Dielmann and Rainer Fest or the monumental steel pieces by Stefan Faas.

sculpture network Mitglieder und
NordArt Preisträgers 2017, Jörg Plickat

Peter Lundberg's organic concrete works and a steel sculpture by the 2017 NordArt Prize winner, Jörg Plickat are also on display. A steel sculpture by Rüdiger Seidt and a work by the wood sculptor Urs-P. Twellmann are also part of the exciting dialogue with the other works and the historical setting.
It is the location that makes NordArt so extraordinary. While walking through the almost 22,000 m² large former workshops and the 80,000 m² large park, new lines of sight constantly open up to the works of art, changing their effect and amazing viewers. The excellent placement by the curators, under chief curator Wolfgang Gramm, allows the sculptures selected to enter into an exchange with the industrial monument, which despite the size and openness of the presentation leads to a rather reverent, almost solemn atmosphere.

XIANG Jing (China) "Naked Beyond Skin – To
Us... (I) & Peacocks", fiberglass; ZHANG Dali
(China) "Pine", Cyanotype on canvas

NordArt celebrates a special anniversary this year as the exhibition opens its doors for the 20th time. In order to increase understanding, NordArt dedicates a one pavilion to a different country each year and also introduces a focus artist. 2018 is dedicated to Czech Republic - the Czech Ambassador, H.E. Tomáš Jan Podivínský, is the patron of his country’s pavilion and the Prague curators Lucie Pangrácová and Michal Gabriel have selected works by 13 artists for it. The exhibition " At the Border of Infinity and the Future" presents artists who deal with digital sculpture, a relatively new form of art that addresses the dependency on mass and the limitations of the material.
The Czech-born sculptor Professor Jan Koblasa (1932-2017) is the focus artist this year. Koblasa left his country in 1968 and shortly afterwards founded the sculpture class at the Muthesius Art Academy. NordArt honours a great artistic personality and at the same time thanks Professor Koblasa, post mortem, as he was an important driving force for NordArt, particularly in the early years.

NordArt has also had a close connection with the Chinese art scene for many years, which repeatedly enables it to show spectacular works by Chinese artists. This relationship has also continued in 2018. Thus, 15 Chinese artists, five of them NordArt prize winners, are participating in the anniversary exhibition.

Country Focus – Czech Pavilion: Michal Gabriel "Birth of Venus", Monika Horčicová "Tripod"
Paintings: Milan Houser, David Hanvald

You have the opportunity to experience the unique atmosphere on the premises of the Art and Culture Forum "Kunstwerk Carlshütte" in person until October 7th.

We will report about our members exhibiting there in the coming weeks.

Date: 09.06.2018 - 07.10.2018
Place: Gelände Kunstwerk Carlshütte
24782  Büdelsdorf Germany

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday (incl. holidays), 11-19 h
Closed on Mondays (incl. holidays)


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