Martine Vyvey

De written description in my work is to catch a movement- a motion with a few lines and pieces.
Motion is the main feature in my work.
My sculptures are not static but the opposite: some of them are really moving in the wind.
Roland Laridon, president of friends of Muzee Ostende: 'To bring essence of motion into a sculpture you must have the gift of true transcendention.'
Technical qualities of my work:
I begin to draw a form with chalk on a plate in cortensteel. I cut these form out of the plate with a plasmacutter. Then the metal is forged in the fire and hammered out into shape.
Most of my sculptures are built up in fragments, this means that each piece must have the right form before I can weld them together into a sculpture.
Then a perfect copy is made in wax and after that it is being cast in bronze.
Two of my sculptures are moving in the wind: 'Willpower" and 'Dance of life'.
The meaning of 'Willpower': In life you face many diffilculties witch nearly make you fall- this sculpture symbolyzes the strength and the power to survive- to stand up again.
°26-11-1958 Oostende

Academe of Art Ostende and Bruges
Private education in forging by Luc Coomans and Roger Schockaert
Vlaamse Opera Gent 
'A passion for movement' Lissewege
Open atelier en beeldentuin zomer 2013- 2014- 2015
Interview several Newspapers:
Het Nieuwsblad
Het Laatste Nieuws
Le Soir
Pro Luce tijdschrift Vrienden van Muzee Oostende
Toverberg 39 -Uitgave Het Beleefde Genot Culturele en Literaire Kring Zedelgem
- Affiche Memorial Van Damme 2009
-Trofee Wereldhulporganisatie 2010
- Bronzen beeld 'Female Freedom' Marie Popelinprijs 2010
Group Exhibitions
Vijfde salon Oostendse Kunstenaars Feest- en Cultuurpaleis Oostende 2005
Lineart - Art Gent  Flanders Expo Gent
Festival d'Art au Château de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne 2011
Tentuinstelling Knokke organisatie Lions Club Knokke Heist 2012- 2015
Art Transfo 2e Biënnale Actuele Kunst' Zwevegem 2013
Biënnale Beeldende Kunst aan zee Thermae Palace Oostende 2014
Oostends Paviljoen Venetiaanse Gaanderijen 2014
Gallery Studio Mezzo Helsinke Finland2003
Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag Nederland 2004
Gallery 'Le Patio' Wattrelos Lille Frankrijk 2004
Art Innsbruck International Fair for Contemporary Art 2010
Kunstschouw Westerschouwen Zeeland Nderland 2011
Kunstroute Vaals Nederland 2012
'Against the flow' Bronze
Martine Vyvey
Dance of Life
Martine Vyvey, Bronze
Martine Vyvey
'Willpower' Bronze and cortensteel
Martine Vyvey
'Monumentale sculptures' by my studio
Martine Vyvey
'Willpower' Bronze
Martine Vyvey
Bronze sculpture
Martine Vyvey, Bronze
Bronze Sculpture Art in motion
Martine Vyvey, Bronze
'Tango Abrazo'
The feeling of the close embrace in tango. Bronze sculpture
Martine Vyvey, Bronze
'Free Spirit'
Creatiod during the first lockdown april 2020. A real spirit lives in the present. They are able to love every day, they are able to spread this vibe to others without trying. They smell all the flowers- not just the roses. In your mind you can imagine everything, traveling on the wings of your soul.
Martine Vyvey, Bronze

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