Gevorg Tadevosyan


Winter - the end of the relationship, but the start of a new way...
The fourth sculpture in the series of sculptures "Seasons".


Dimensions : 48 cm x 45 cm x 4 cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Weight : 1.5 kg
Year : 2016
Material : Metal, Bronze
Technique : Bronze casting
Style : figurative

Gevorg Tadevosyan

The sculpture is a form of thinking and expression. It is the combination of line, volume, and light… I am Gevorg Tadevosyan a sculptor from Armenia – an ancient country between Europe and Asia. In my early adolescence, I was delighted to see how the mass of clay, wood, or bronze without any form became an artwork and got precise and speaking forms under the direction of the hands of a sculptor. Just this interest and passion became decisive in my future․ The discovery of the secrets in the world of sculpture began at the State Art College after P. Terlemezyan in Yerevan, then at the Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts. Becoming older and getting more experience I started to understand the real meaning and the deep inside of sculpture... At the first sight, it seems that the sculpture gives too few opportunities for creation. Only when one starts to understand and knows the secrets of the world of sculpture the opportunities become clear… I tried to explore the infinity of sculpture. I never confine myself with the topics. The idea comes first with the play of forms, the activeness of the line, the silhouette, the light... The topic comes later, only after I find the right harmony. The impressions I have in my life, are the main sources for my art. It can be people, books, everyday objects, cities, countries... All these impressions give food for the emergence of interesting ideas. But even the impression is decisive, in the first place are again the forms, line, silhouette, the light… When I create, I feel stronger. During the process of artwork creation, I feel inside of me an inexhaustible source that feeds me with creativity, energy and persistence. A completed artwork takes me one more level up and makes more confident…

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The "Summer" is a circular composition, with sculptural figures of a walking man and woman at the bottom and upper points of the inner and outer circles of its infinite outline. The sculpture is about the eternal story of a relationship - the decisive step of both, which must unite, or finally divide them...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze, Metal
Man and a society...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
The symbol of communication ... All the people are the same to us until we choose somebody and began to discover ... and the best way for the discovery is the communication... so you explore all the secrets of one’s soul like through a Magnify ...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
Time is cleaner
Time is decisive and a dictator in chief․․․ Time wipes everything, often without even leaving traces․․․
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
Different worlds
The worlds of a man and a woman even are quite different, but they need to unite to fill in the existing emptiness and become complete...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
A story of relationships...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
Gravitation of a woman
The gravitation of the woman - the only force that can defeat the man...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
The Muse always appears unexpectedly and disappears immediately... but the only given kiss changes everything...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze, Bronze
Spring ... the time of love and meeting... The first sculpture in the series of sculptures "Seasons".
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
Summer - the time, when love gives strength... The second sculpture in the series of sculptures "Seasons".
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
Fall - they are in the same circle, but separate... The third sculpture in the series of sculptures "Seasons".
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
The eternal topic of Pieta
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal, Bronze
Everyone is subject to their own destiny․․․
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze, Bronze
The Harp
The moment when you are in harmony with yourself.
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze
The Witness
After seeing it, one can only think...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze
Decision Within Us
All time we happen in this problem. One step and you can fly.
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Metal
Still with Me
We don't know how that moment will end. The most important thing is to love and be loved.
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze
The will to win
When you need freedom to fly.
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze
For meeting
We meet, we achieve,we lose...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze, Metal
Zip of life - about connecting and dividing, build and demolish...
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze, Bronze
It's The Life
There is a way for everything. You have to choose where to go.Either you raise your standards of living, or your steps will lower you further .
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze, Metal
Trace of Dove
Every person seeks peace within himself.
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze
The Last Supper
Another interpretation of The Last Supper. In comparison with the accepted iconography, the image of Judas is not recognizable but is emphasized the Chalice.
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze
Hope, Believe, Love
Love is the source of virtues... Without love, there is no hope, no faith․․․
Gevorg Tadevosyan, Bronze, Metal more...
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