Total Loss

We were in the bedroom tidying up after so much traveling, so much partying and so much dancing, everything in its place. The notebook on the table, the potions on the shelves and some water for the plants. I can't remember at what moment the furniture in the room started to fall apart...

... Everything was spinning around and when I tried to hold on to something it would break, it was fake, like a big cardboard stage. Suddenly we appeared in a jumble of iron, glass, bodywork debris and other organic debris. It was as if space and time had folded, expelling us from one place to release us in another. I don't know how we got there, but we were lying on the side of some road. In the darkness of the night we could intuit the presence of some religious objects among the rubble: a crucifix and what looked like a sarcophagus. We were walking near some temple and everything indicated that an accident had just occurred, but there was no one else there, so we decided to sleep until dawn. Surprisingly, in the morning everything was a huge plot of land. No trace of the accident. We were not far from home and we started walking. Along the way we speculated on various hypotheses that would be resolved by reviewing the apartment's security cameras.

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About the Exhibition

The Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of Málaga opens its season 2023-24 with the exhibition TOTAL LOSS, from October 4 to 27, 2023. This group show brings together works by graduates of the center, specifically 18 artists who have previously held solo exhibitions in the same room. The exhibition is part of Sculpture Network's XV. International Forum in Málaga, an event about sculpture with more than 17 years of trajectory, which in this edition is held in the city of Málaga. TOTAL LOSS hosts a series of works that approach sculpture from very diverse and particular perspectives. It reflects on the accident, archeology, sculpture, workspace and modes of representation, among others, through a multiplicity of techniques and materials where ceramics intersects with lead, cardboard, drawing, video or photography and the assembly of bodywork, furniture and other everyday objects in devices that are installed in space. This exhibition project is part of the activities of the Permanent Group for Educational Innovation in Art Production and Dissemination (PIE 22-128), and is curated by Javier Artero, professor and former student of the center, as well as Ani Jiménez and Alberto Cajigal, members of the group.

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  • Alberto Cajigal
  • Alejandro González Castillo
  • Ana Morales
  • AnaĂ­s Angulo
  • Dela Delos
  • Delia Boyano
  • Eduardo RodrĂ­guez
  • Enrique Res
  • Isabel Rosado
  • LucĂ­a O'Brien
  • MarĂ­a Fernández
  • Natalia Cardoso
  • Nuria Luque
  • Paloma de la Cruz
  • Patricia Collado
  • Ricardo LeĂłn
  • Timsam Harding
  • Victoria Maldonado

Curator: Javier Artero

Thank you to the Faculty of Fine Arts of Málaga for hosting this special day of the International Forum 2023!

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