Impression from the XIV. International Forum at Vanhaerents Art Collection in Brussels. Photo: Sculpture Network]

Looking forward to Sculpture Network’s XV. International Forum

The International Forum has been a cornerstone of the Sculpture Network experience since its foundation in 2004: a weekend-long opportunity for exchange, discussions, inspiration – and last but not least a celebration of the shared love for three-dimensional art.

Impression from the XIV. International Forum at Vanhaerents Art Collection in Brussels. Photo: Sculpture Network]
Impression from the XIV. International Forum at Vanhaerents Art Collection in Brussels. Photo: Sculpture Network]

While it used to be a regular event during the first years of the organisation’s existence, members and friends alike have sorely missed it from 2016 until 2022. Those years of longing are over: The Forum has been resurrected and will take place for a 15th time this October at a location that is worth a visit for lovers of art history and modern art alike: Málaga, the Picasso town. Many exciting cities have welcomed Forum guests in the past 19 years, from Berlin to Bilbao, from Turin to Den Haag. Each time, Sculpture Network cooperated with renowned institutions such as the Middelheim Museum in Antwerp or the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, which were a highlight of the program in their own right. This year’s venues, the Museo Picasso and the Centre Pompidou Málaga, promise to continue this tradition. Both will open the doors to their collections for special guided tours during the Forum in October. 

But the International Forum is not just an event to experience art. To a greater degree, it is an event to discuss artistic processes – those of creating art, but also of curating and perceiving it. Therefore, the Forum is mainly shaped by the people who attend. Thought-provoking debates among an international audience and room for inspiration are the two main factors that have made the last Forum editions such a success. To this end, the XV. Forum welcomes six art professionals from different European countries as speakers (read more about them here: International Forum), who will focus on the pressing topic of “Sculpture and Climate Emergency”. Aside from these talks and the exhibition visits, there will be lots of room for networking and personal discussions, so that the Forum offers something for everyone. Let’s hear from a few guests what they are looking forward to the most!

Sculpture Network chairman Frank Evelein (NL) sees the Forum as an opportunity to get in touch with like-minded people from the art and sculpture scene, to explore new places and to broaden his own horizon. “I hope to be able to get in contact with people who widen my perspective”, he says.

Sculpture Network coordinator Marina Bauer (HR) became a member after visiting the XIV. Forum in Antwerp in 2016. “I was really, really happy to meet colleagues and art lovers and to be in a place where sculpture is the main topic.” She is looking forward to reliving this experience in Málaga and adding to it.

Caroline Kampfraath (NL) has been a Sculpture Network member for around 10 years. As a sculptor, her work process can get quite lonely, so she treasures the opportunity to meet and connect with other artists as well as art lovers and other professionals. “Going to the Forum is an investment in my work and in my personal growth”, she says.

Hartmut Stielow (DE), co-founder and curatorial board member of Sculpture Network, is the one who came up with the idea for the International Forum in the first place. To him, the Forum is a meeting place, first and foremost, where people, ideas, and experiences come together. [please format as a quote:] “The International Forum is like a melting-pot.”

According to Hilde van Canneyt (BE), art journalist and Sculpture Network coordinator in Ghent, the International Forum is a must for art lovers and especially for sculpture lovers. “We can visit exhibitions, we can eat, drink, laugh, learn.” She is looking forward to new friends, new (art) connections and new opportunities for collaboration in an international setting.

Yke Prins (NL), board member of Sculpture Network and a sculptor herself, implores other artists to join: “The Forums in the past always have been a great inspiration for my own work and also for my network.” Yke is one of the initiators of the new Forum edition in Málaga.

Laure Debouttiere (FR) is an art historian and a member of the curatorial board of Sculpture Network. To her, the special charm of the International Forum derives from its many different components: meeting fellow art lovers, experiencing art together and exploring special places. “This is something unique you will not regret”, she promises.

Sculpture Network vice chairwoman Anne Berk (NL), co-organiser of this year’s event, is a big fan of the International Forum and thinks back fondly to past editions. “The Forums I’ve visited in the past belong to my most cherished memories.” She is looking forward to the weekend in Málaga not only for the networking opportunities, but also because of the interesting lectures and the chance to experience the collections of the local museums.

Sculpture Network coordinator Stefanie Krome (IT) is enthusiastic about joining the International Forum because of the program, the company and the topic of “Sculpture and Climate Emergency”. To her, it is an opportunity nobody should miss. Here’s her message to everyone:

“Don’t be a fool and come with us to Málaga!”

All these sculpture enthusiasts and many more are looking forward to meeting you there.

About the author

Sophie Fendel

Sophie rediscovered her passion for three-dimensional art at the Sculpture Network office in Munich. She just finished her PhD and is now working as a freelance author and editor. Sophie enjoys immersing into different topics for her essays about sculpture and society.


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