NordArt 2021: International Art in a Former Foundry is Back

After the forced break in 2020 NordArt opened its gates again, for the 22nd time, inviting art lovers until 10 October to take a trip around the world of art.

In Büdelsdorf, the northernmost corner of Germany, sandwiched between the seas, an art exhibition has established itself that is unparalleled in Europe. More than 200 selected artists from all over the world come together as a monumental piece of art in a former iron foundry located on the Kiel Canal directly North of Rendsburg. Each work stands for itself and at the same time in a dialogue with the others. In synergy with the imposing backdrop, a unique atmosphere develops, inviting you on a journey of discovery.

Veronika Psotková (Czech Republic),
"Together – In The Stream" XI Jianjun
(China/Great Britain) "Babylonian",
Carlshütte, Halle IV  ©,
Photo: Jörg Wohlfromm

The break in 2020, says the chief curator Wolfgang Gramm, impressively demonstrated how indispensable art and artists are for spirit and soul, for human coexistence. Therefore, the Kunstwerk Carlshütte now continues to tell its story, literally burning with desire to fill the halls and the sculpture park with life again. The excellent placement by the curators allows the sculptures selected to enter into an exchange with the industrial monument, which despite the size and openness of the presentation leads to a rather reverent, almost solemn atmosphere. The international approach offers a wide variety of perspectives and sends visitors on an incomparable tour through the world of art in very special ambience.

The former iron foundry was shut down in 1997 and has served as an exhibition place since 1999. The venue not only represents an impressive industrial monument, but also offers an unusual setting for cultural events of all kinds with its enormous hall aisles, the restored ACO Wagenremise (vehicle depot), and the spacious park area.

Every single work of art and all combined are linked to a narrative of human existence. This time, one topic in particular emerges: the examination of our ethical principles and the quest for ways to preserve lost values in modern age. This applies, for example, to this year’s country focus, which is dedicated to contemporary art in Ukraine. Under the title The Limits of Reality, the curators of the Ukrainian Pavilion Evgen Karas and Darina Momot from Kyjiv are presenting works by 22 Ukrainian artists and the ’A4 ballpoint project‘.

sculpture network presents again this year

This year, four sculpture network members are among the exhibiting artists. 

Rainer Fest – Germany

"Rainer Fest's sculptures are unusual in character. Within the multiple contexts of contemporary artistic expression, they occupy a very unique position. They own the ground that he has conquered through personal experiences, rather than standing in debt to the knowledge of art history and, least of all, to an orientation towards the market. Rainer Fest is one of those solitary artists who work from an inner passion which is spiritual by nature." (Katrin Arrieta)

Untitled, 2021, Granite boulder, water, iron frame, 125 x 125 x 125 cm


Peter Lundberg – USA

Katla, 2010, concrete, iron reinforcement, height: 1300 cm (Created at the NordArt Symposium 2010)

Lundberg’s large organic concrete forms are cast in the earth, dug into the ground and this process creates the root force and root forms in his work. The sculptures resemble the unconscious, intricately constructed – beyond judgments of beautiful and ugly or good and bad. They rise out of the earth and stand tall enough to include the sky. The sculptures exemplify pure emotion.



Plickat, Jörg – Germany

Labyrinthum, 2020, corten steel, 460 x 460 x 460 cm

Plickat counts among Germany’s most recognized sculptors internationally. Initially figurative in his art, his vocabulary changed after 1985 to become more abstract and cubic, though the human figure is often still discernible. Corten steel, and sometimes bronze, has been his main material of choice since 2000.



Twellmann, Urs-P. – Switzerland

Wood in all its manifold appearances forms the basis of Urs Twellmann’s objects, installations and interventions. His discourse with the material, exploring its characteristics and possibilities as well as the tension between chaos and order are at the heart of the creative process in which the artist breaks, splits and saws up the wood, analysing before eventually organizing it in new and different arrangements and contexts.

2.25 x π, 2018, oak wood, 500 x 500 x 200 cm (Created at the NordArt Symposium 2018)


Author: Ilaria Specos
August 2021

Cover picture: Kurt Gebauer (Czech Republic) "Legs from Water". Sculpture park ©, Photo: Jörg Wohlfromm

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