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Xtant - Torre de Canyamel
Carretera Artá | Carretera de Canyamel, km 5,5
07580 Capdepera

Dialogue: Xtant in Torre de Canyamel, "Exploring the Textile Art Renaissance"

Meet Kavita Parmar, curator – artist – founder of Xtant and visit with her the 5th edition of the exhibition

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Ana Gonzalez Rojo, Photo: Alejandra Glez


Torre de Canyamel is a magnificent 13th-century Gothic defense tower situated in the heart of Capdepera (Mallorca). This summer here you can immerse yourself in a unique textile exhibition titled "Nurturing Our Roots," curated by the renowned artist and curator Kavita Parmar.

Join us for an exclusive Dialogue where you'll explore the exhibition alongside Kavita Parmar, discuss the rising interest in Textile Art and gain firsthand insight into the XTANT community's critical creative practices from around the world. This extraordinary event offers a rare opportunity to connect with global artistic traditions and contemporary innovations in the textile arts.


11:00 - 11:30 Arrival and Registration

11:30 Welcome by Coordinator Ien van Wierst with an introduction to the Torre de Canyamel, followed by a brief overview of Kavita Parmar, XTANT, and the "Nurturing Our Roots" exhibition.

11:45 Talk by Kavita Parmar on "The Five Pillars of XTANT": consciousness, beauty, craftsmanship, time, and community.

12:15 Guided tour of the "Nurturing Our Roots" exhibition. We will delve into the highlights of the expo, featuring groundbreaking works from contemporary textile artists. We'll explore how these artists blend traditional techniques with modern aesthetics, pushing the boundaries of what textile art can be. Additionally, we'll look at the historical context that has shaped the current appreciation of this medium, tracing its journey from utilitarian craft to recognized art form.

13:30 Lunch at Porxada de Sa Torre. Networking and a get-together. Please bring your own presentation (catalog/portfolio).

15:00 Conclusion of the program.


The number of participants is limited.
Maximum 25 attendees. Members priority.

Online registration required by 24 June 2024.
Please use the button "REGISTER NOW"

The programme will be held in English and Spanish.

Participation fee: 35,00 EUR
Sculpture Network members: 30,00 EUR

To be paid in cash on the spot. 

Including all inclusive lunch at the Restaurant Porxada de Sa Torre.

Ana Gonzalez Rojo, Photo: Alejandra Glez
Ana Belen Rodriguez


Torre de Canyamel
Carretera Artá | Carretera de Canyamel, km 5,5
07580 Capdepera

Car and commute by contacting the coordinator


This event is organised by Ien van Wierst, Sculpture Network Coordinator in Mallorca. If you have any questions about the event or registration, please contact Ien van Wierst or




About XTANT:

Like its previous iterations each year's XTANT has a leitmotif, this year it is ¨ROOTS¨ Far from looking fondly at the past as an isolated article. The examination it undertakes seeks to understand roots for what they truly are. Not just origins, but continuous parts of a living organism, of coming to a closer wholistic understanding of ourselves as both ‘everything’ and ‘forever’. 
The event will take over several heritage patios, all walking distance from each other at the very heart of the historic and beautiful streets of Palma de Mallorca. A true celebration of the art in heritage crafts that no textile enthusiast can miss. 

XTANT aims to inspire the new generations to value sustainability, personal identity, tradition and responsible consumption over commercial tendencies based on unbridled consumption. The event offers many moments of reflection and communion with the unique, the beautiful and the long-lasting. Full of enriching conversations, workshops, rituals and textile exhibitions with over 65 master Artisans / activists / designers invited from 23 countries, XTANT| 2023 was a resounding success.


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Ojo de DIos, Photo by Alejandra Glez
Ojo de DIos, Photo by Alejandra Glez
Howareyoufeelingstudio. Photos by Leyre Lopez de La Paz
Howareyoufeelingstudio. Photos by Leyre Lopez de La Paz
Agustin Nicolas Rivero
Agustin Nicolas Rivero

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