Via Finelli 22
54033 Carrara

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Dialogue at the The FAC POP PASQUA POPULAR in Carrara

Take part with an exciting discussion/presentation performance PPP plus studio tour

30 April 2024

The FAC Fronteacciaiocromato art performance POP PASQUA POPULAR in Carrara draws parallels with a Via Dolorosa, creating a poignant narrative through the medium of expression through procession. The journey unfolds like a modern-day pilgrimage, as artists navigate Carrara's old town and artistic points, imbuing each step with symbolic hues. This odyssey not only mirrors the path of suffering but also celebrates the resilience and transformative power of art in Carrara's rich cultural tapestry. ( the performance took place Saturday 30 of aprile)

POST-PUNK CULTURE but also pop culture, a constructive and active rebellion against the contemporary art system, a small workshop in the center of Carrara where works are created with the most varied expressive techniques (sculpture, painting, screen printing, installations): these are the elements that make the chrome steel front Live (F.A.C.), An artistic group born in 2015 in the city of marbles, founded by the Germans Stefanie Krome and Dominik Stahlberg, to which the Chinese Erika Gao has recently added.

Erika Gao, Dominik Stahlberg and Stefanie Krome - COLLETTIVO FRONTEACCIAIOCROMATO

18.00 – 18.30  Meet & greet at FAC PIAZZA DUOMO CARRARA

18.30 – 20.00  Dialogue with Maura Crudeli and the collettive FAC ( Dott.ssa Stefanie Krome. Dott.ssa Yuanjun Gao , Dominik Stahlberg)

20.00 – 21.00  Afterdrink

Online registration (see orange button) required by 28 April 2024!

The event will be held in Italian, English and German. Max. 30 persons of participants.


Sculpture Network members: free
Normal price: 5,00 EUR

To be paid in cash on the spot in an envelope.
The number of participants is limited. Maximum 30 attendees. Members priority.

Free entry. Food & drinks at own expenses.


Via Finelli 22
54033 Carrara


CARRARA, old town, beside the cathedral ST. ANDREA

This event is organised by StefanieKrome, Sculpture Network Coordinator in Carrara / IT. If you have any questions about the event or registration, please contact or her directly. 

Further information:
THE ACTIVITY OF KROME, STAHLBERG AND GAO, moreover, is frenetic: in the circuits of independent art, their names are known. Stahlberg is a member of NO!art, anti-art movement, avantgarde and internationalist, born in NEOR Krome is the coordinator for Italy of Sculpture net. Both grew up in the German post-Punk culture of the Nineties, and studied sculpture. Krome has been in Italy since 2005 (so much so that it is now called “Italian by choice”): he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara and at the University of Leipzig, and has participated in numerous sculpture symposia all over the world, from Italy to Mexico, from Scotland to China, from Greece to Thailand. Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara also for Stahlberg and Gao: sculpture for the first, graphic design for the second. For Stefanie and Dominik, the decision to leave Germany and settle in Carrara was not only an artistic decision, but above all a life decision. We have been here for twelve years and feel like we are really from Carrara," say the two, "we live in Castelpoggio and feel at home just seeing the outline of the Sagro. We came here because Carrara is considered a Mecca for sculptors around the world, a place you have to visit at least once in your life. Over the years, the town has certainly become less international; there used to be more artists of many different nationalities, but we persevere. From our point of view, the old town is like a magnificent amusement park, much too quiet. Things are changing here: commerce and crafts are giving way to art workshops. We want to make our contribution and would like to organize some events soon in dialogue with the city to inform people about our work. Stefanie Krome explains, they fell in love with the city and its atmosphere to the point of deciding to stop under the Apuan Alps. The Cruxials dedicated to the characters of the city, a sort of “three-dimensional Encyclopedia of Carrara”, as they define it, also manifests the desire to take root solid roots in a community known for being historically very closed to newcomers (for centuries it has been so: it is no coincidence that in Carrara, even with all the marble available, a real local art school was born only in the eighteenth century), and in a city that years ago, after carving out a prominent space in the art world, had a much more pronounced international vocation, and that has been lost over time.


Speaker; DOTT.ssa Maura Crudeli Graduated in Sociology from the La Sapienza University in Rome and then completed a Masters Degree in International Human Rights Protection. Since then, Maura Crudeli has gained additional experience in media and communications, such as during her time spent at Rome's Documentary Academy, and while specializing in the area of “Cooperation and Development” during her studies in Madrid. Maura’s professional career path has included working with numerous public and private organizations to cover various roles, including Project Manager and Events and Communications Manager, in areas such as environmentalism, art, public health, and human rights. Currently, Maura is President of the Italian non-profit organization AIEA (Italian advocacy group for those suffering the effects of asbestos exposure) to support the banning of asbestos use. As Project Manager, Maura in march 2023 became the focal point of Carrara Creative City of Unesco and develops and coordinates artistic projects in support of the United Nations 2030 Sustainable and Development Agenda.





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