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Chronomania – alles hat seine Zeit

Time - what is it actually? In contemporary terms, time is everything we don't have. Because although our everyday lives are supported by more and more devices, computers make life easier and working and living conditions are the best they have ever been, there is one thing we no longer have: time.

Ausstellung »Chronomania« im Schloss Untergröningen
Ausstellung "Chronomania" im Schloss Untergröningen 2024

Chronomania - this disease stands for the individual's fight for survival in the parallelism of events, permanent availability of media and real perception. The constant back and forth between the analogue and digital world forces us to multitask highly efficiently, gives us the feeling that we are always missing out on something when we are not there, forces us to keep advancing technically, to be not just all-rounders but perfect, in other words to constantly optimise ourselves in the areas in which we want or have to compare ourselves with others on a daily basis, both in real life and in the media.

Vernissage on 14 March 2024, 7.30 pm
Musical accompaniment: Duo GO-SLOW-STRIKE

Exhibition from 16.3.2024 to 28.7.2024            

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