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BirkenstraĂźe 47a
40233 DĂĽsseldorf

Mercedes Azpilicueta

The artistic practice of Amsterdam-based artist Azpilicueta ranges across performance, drawings, textile works, video art and installation, giving voice to queer, feminist and marginalised figures. In fluid, associative connections, she counters rigid historical narratives, seeking to dismantle them and make room for affective and dissident voices to emerge.

Her works are inspired by speculative and fictional Latino literature, the history of (neo-)Baroque art, decolonial history, contemporary popular culture, and various aspects of craft techniques and textile production.

More: HERE

Picture: Mercedes Azpilicueta, Potatoes, Riots and Other Imaginaries, 2021, Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Courtesy of the artist and NoguerasBlanchard, Photo: Sandra Maier


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