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Wilhelm Mundt - Unklumpen

Now, in a solo exhibition of current work, Mundt presents new aspects of his artistic development.

He began with large-scale, mostly site-specific installations that placed industrial production processes and function-based forms in an autonomous artistic context. A comprehensive artistic approach combing aesthetics and ethics, irony and earnestness — a point certainly relating it to Joseph Beuys or Roman Signer — characterizes Mundt's work to this day.

The "Trashstones" series in particular, which Mundt began with stone 001 in 1989, shows the artist as a personality that reflects upon the sculptural traditions and conventions of modernity (as well as breaks therein) while at the same time employing intellectual and technical probity to renew their content — making Mundt one of the most innovative sculptors of the day.

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Picture: Wilhelm Mundt, Trashstone 394, 2008, © VG Bild-Kunst Bonn 2022, Wilhelm Mundt, Photo: Michael Richter, waste, polyester, fibreglass


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