Member event by
Herbert Hundrich

Andratx, Isla Baleares

iLlegal housing. 2018

iLlegal housings.  It's all about space. Public space. 

III. I can not differentiate exactly in this context, do I speak of humans or of sculptures? Do I tell of places where people can live or do I speak about places that are built for living but are kept empty and living in these is prohibited.

IV. I’m talking about everything. My sculptures tell about everything. All points can be summarized in one point, in the point where all these thoughts meet. People call this point social misery. It does not matter if we talk about the problems in the big cities of Europe, in the USA, Asia or Africa. The miserable and unacceptable life situations are the same everywhere and nobody seems capable or willing to eliminate these problems.



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Exhibition Member event

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