Kunstgiesserei Altglienicke

WegedornstraĂźe 46
12524 Berlin

Dialogue in Berlin

Curated visit to the Exhibiton “Neues Berliner Eisen / Nouveau Fer de Berlin” at the Altglienicke art foundry

Guided tour by sculptor and curator of the exhibition within the scope of the 9th International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art (ICCCIA).
The iron art show curated by the artist Anna Franziska Schwarzbach includes works by Julia Schleicher, Kerstin Grimm, el.doelle, Frank Seidel and herself.

Director Anke Schirlitz will give an insight into the working method of the art foundry for bronze aluminium and plastics, that has dedicated itself to particularly close, creative collaboration with clients and artists.

The dialogue is organized by sculpture networks new coordinator for Berlin, Anemone Vostell. She has a wide
experience in the international art market, and in art management.
In 2020 she founded BAM! Berlin Art Management offering tailored project management to artists, curators, galleries and collectors.

15:30 – 17:00 Uhr    Welcome and introduction with the director of the foundry Anke Schirlitz and guided tour with the curator and artist Anna Franziska Schwarzbach
17:00 Uhr     Drinks and introduction round. Bring your documentation for the showroom.

Participation fee:
 20,00 Euro normal price
10,00 Euro sculpture network members

To be paid in cash (matching) on the spot. Included: welcome drink, guided tour, visit foundry and exhibition, networking.

To participate please sign up with the Register Now! button at the end of the page.
Registration deadline: 19 September 2022

Language is German, English if needed.

In cooperation with KunstgieĂźerei Altglienicke




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Berlin, Germany

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