The Lovelace

Kardinal-Faulhaber-StraĂźe 1
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sculpture network Lab in MĂĽnchen

The Lovelace
Munich, 22 October 2018, 19.30

Form follows attitude: Networking Creativity 

Searching for new forms of expression, more and more artists are starting to interact with other disciplines - increasingly using their methods and work practices. In this context networks have become significant sources of inspiration for creative, design and artistic practices.

In Munich, a city with a remarkable number of start-up companies, the panel discussion „sculpture network Lab“ on October 22, 2018 will be concentrate on the topic of networking creativity. This event brings scientists, architects and artists together - all of whom are working at the interface between the solitary rooms of their studios and contemporary networks.

How do these networks influence the creative process, their innovation of design and their artistic intuition? Are there still clear principles in the artistic process or is the creative process just a cryptographic chain in a decentrally led system?

The panel discussion „Networking Creativity“ is part of the event series „sculpture network Lab“.
In 2018 the theme of this series is „form follows attitude“ - thus focusing on the attitude behind the form. „sculpture network Lab“ illustrates ideas and sheds light on the social political relevance of art while increasing awareness of the social significance thereof.

In the framework of the opening event „Technology Matters“ held in mid-June 2018 in Amsterdam Anne Berk, Robert Henderson, Lonneke Gordjin and Eva Wolf talked to architects, designers, artists and art historians about the range of influence that new technologies are having on design and creative processes, on creativity and on intuition. The heart of the discussion centered on the complex relationship between man, nature and technology.

Normal price: 10,00 EUR
sculpture network members 5,00 EUR


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