Kunsthaus Dahlem

Käuzchensteig 8-12
14195 Berlin

Dialogue in Berlin

Artist talk in Karol Broniatowski's exhibiton

Photo credit: Karol Broniatowski, Kontrapost V, 2015. Photo: (c) Gunter Lepkowski 


17.45 Uhr Meet-up and registration
18.00 Uhr Karol Broniatowski and curator Anne Schwanz guide through the current exhibiton »Karol Broniatowski – IN THE MOMENT« and talk about the exhibited works and the work process.
19.00 Uhr Networking and drinks

Participation fee:

Normal price: 8,- EUR

Price for sculpture network members and members of the Freundeskreis Kunsthaus Dahlem: 5,- EUR


The artistic work of the sculptor Karol Broniatowski (*1945, Łódź) revolves around figurative sculpture. Starting from the material, his interest lies in the processual, the haptics and the experience of sculpture. He deliberately leaves statements open - nothing is complete for him. The exhibition "In the Moment" shows current bronze sculptures and large-format gouaches.

Groups of works on classical sculptural themes such as "contrapost" and "coat of arms bearer" begin with a spontaneous moment, are processed further and led into various situations. Broniatowski's processual thinking manifests itself in sculptural removal, pruning and separation. He successively dissolves the outer form in order to sharpen the inner statement, which becomes increasingly clearer the further the figure moves away from its original form. The imaginary transition from inside to outside is what interests Broniatowski in his artistic work.


About the artist

Karol Broniatowski studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw from 1964 to 1970. With his final work "Zeitungspapierfiguren", a group of life-size papier-mâché walking figures, he attracted first attention and was invited to the 26th Venice Biennale in 1972 as a representative of Poland. National and international exhibitions and stays abroad made him one of the most important Polish sculptors of his time.

As a DAAD scholarship holder, Broniatowski moved into a studio in the current rooms of the Kunsthaus Dahlem in 1976. There he recorded the cycle "Big Man", which he presented the same year at the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein. Conceptual, action-based works followed, such as the continuation of the "Big Man" series in 1978 and the presentation of the numbers 1 to 93 as morse alphabet, corresponding to the number of individual figures within the sculpture group. Broniatowski was also concerned with the idea of a sculpture that could be assembled and disassembled to illustrate the sculptural process. It marked the beginning of his work in bronze in 1981, to which "Group 93" or the great "Schreitenden" belong as major works. Broniatowski also created sculptural works in public spaces, including the "Memorial for Deported Jews of Berlin" at Grunewald S-Bahn station in 1991 and "Foot of Bendern" for LGT Bank in Liechtenstein in 1996.




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