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Goddess Neith

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Goddess Neith
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An early Egyptian deity, Neith was considered the creator of the universe and mother of all Gods. She was said to have both female traits, as well as the masculine energy required in creation. Associated with wisdom, the cosmos, water, hunting, war, and fate as well as many of the domestic arts. One myth insinuates that she created the world by weaving it. The Warrior characteristic within Neith was considered an arbitrator and protector of the people, she also cared for the dead and helped to prepare their souls for the afterlife.
One Quarter Life-size Female Figure
Bronze by Blake Ward and Boky Hackel
Photo Phil Hill


76cm, 24cm, 34cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Unique Piece
Figurative, Abstract, Expressionist
Body, Society, Spirituality
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