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Ushabtis Tefnet

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Ushabtis Tefnet
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Lunar Goddess of water and fertility.
This ancient Egyptian goddess personifies moisture, particularly in the forms of dew, rain and mist and was said to be able to create pure water.
According to the Egyptian creation myth of Heliopolis, she was the daughter of Atum; the sun and the mother of Geb; the earth and Nut; the sky.
She played several roles and as is characteristic of most Egyptian deities, Tefnet has several ideograph or symbols, being depicted depicted as a lioness, a human with the head of a lioness or as a snake coiled about a sceptre.
One Quarter Life-size Partial Female Figure
Bronze by Blake Ward and Boky Hackel
Photo by Phil Hill


78cm, 16cm, 20cm (Height, Width, Depth)
Unique Piece
Figurative, Abstract, Expressionist
Body, Society, Spirituality
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